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Thermal Coders

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Thermal Transfer printers are clean and simple to use, and well-suited for a variety of materials including plastic films, flat packaging, label stock, plastic and foil. Because they can be used in either continuous or intermittent print modes, they offer a versatile production line solution for anything from pricing, date and time coding, barcodes and QR codes, to logos, ingredient lists and promotional messaging.

Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) creates high-definition images by using a printhead to push a ribbon into direct contact with a substrate. The printhead is made up of a series of miniature print elements under a ceramic coating, while the ribbon is covered with a specially-formulated coloured wax and resin mixture. As the elements heat small areas of the ribbon, the mixture melts and is transferred to the substrate surface, where it adheres as the surface moves under the printer.


WHY LINX TTO PRINTERS are better for your business

Linx Thermal Transfer Overprinters are built for maximum productivity and versatility, with low maintenance requirements to save you money. By featuring unique and intelligent technologies that improve print quality and speed while avoiding the need for solvents, every one of our TTO products optimise your overall equipment effectiveness by delivering outstanding reliability and performance.


A maximum 0.5mm gap between individual prints helps improve efficiency and saves money on wasted materials. No ribbon overprinting means you get superior quality results, every time, and with the stepper motor’s accurate control and simple mechanism, you will also experience minimal ribbon breaks. With few spare parts required, and a simple fast cassette refill process, your production line is kept up and running at all times.


Related Accessories
Linx CIJ accessories are designed to enable correct integration of Linx CIJ coders onto your production line. For unusual or challenging set-ups, our customer engineering department can build customized solutions to suit every application.

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Our Range of Thermal Transfer Overprint (TTO) Machines

Linx TT500

5-line coder designed for the most challenging coding applications, with IP65 rating for reliable operation. Print speeds up to 9.10m/s.

Linx TT750

Available with a 32mm or 53mm wide printhead the TT 750 is capable of printing onto flexible packaging and other materials at print rates of up to 250 prints per minute and line speeds of up to 750mm per second.

Linx TT1000

Available with a 53mm or 107mm wide printhead the TT 1000 is capable of printing onto flexible packaging and other materials at print rates of up to 700 prints per minute and line speeds of up to 1,000mm per second.

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