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Ready Meals

Coding and marking in the ready meals and frozen foods sector places multiple demands on your equipment. Cold, dry and washdown environments bring with them the risk of water ingress to your production equipment, affecting their reliability and risking downtime. With margins already tight, you can help protect your line against downtime with the right choice of coder.

Increasing diversification of packaging shapes and materials, from plastic tubs and bags to card sleeves and cartons, are helping manufacturers achieve shelf stand-out in a growing industry. This in turn challenges the versatility of your coding equipment to print consistently accurate batch codes onto an expanding range of packaging.

Ready-meals and frozen food manufacturers across the world choose Linx printers for their ease of use, versatility, and reliability. We support our customers’ Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by reducing downtime and maximising their production line efficiencies.

“Clear printing, ease of use and price per print were key factors for us and the Linx printer delivers on all counts” - Quality Foods .

Our Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers have easy to use, icon-led touch screens for quick and accurate code selection and creation which help to reduce coding errors with prompted fields for message creation. Store several line settings and quickly retrieve them when printers are moved between lines to help meet diverse customer and legislative requirements for printed codes - print up to 5 lines of clear, legible date and batch codes, barcodes and logos. Plus high speed variants for coding on line speeds up to 6.25m/s

Stainless steel, IP55-rated enclosures support continual, reliable operation in washdown environments, our self-cleaning printheads ensure clean startups, first time every time, and self-servicing and quick, clean cartridge refills keep downtime to a minimum.

Specialist CIJ inks including a grease-penetrating ink which adheres to food packaging. Print in any orientation with a choice of conduit lengths and right-angled printheads – easy to position on your line and integrate with packaging equipment.

In addition our range of outer case coders produce large, high quality printing onto secondary card boxes to replace labels and pre-printed packaging.

The new Linx 10 - a compact, portable printer which is quick and easy while still delivering the premium code quality Linx is known for.


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