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Bottle Coding

Linx bottle coding printers are ideal for high volume expiration date coding or batch identification, and are designed to print directly onto plastic or glass bottles in almost any orientation. With a range of pre-programmed codes, they can mark variable information as well as printing barcodes, datamatrix and qr codes onto bottles avoiding unnecessary waste and environmental impact of pre-printed labels.

With many years of experience in creating coding and marking equipment, we understand that printing on bottles presents a number of unique challenges, from difficult to adhere surfaces and wet or dusty environments, to small circumference marking areas and post-marking sterilisation processes. Linx coding technologies have been specifically designed to meet these challenges.

Linx bottle coders are used in a wide range of industries from food, beverage, cosmetics and FMCG household products to pharmaceutical & chemical bottling. Our expertise in product and packaging marking & identification can help you to reduce costs and improve production rates.

Production Line Bottle Coders

Bottle based production often requires high volumes, at Linx we realize that reliable and consistent product marking is critical as rework adds unnecessary cost to product manufacture.

Our bottle printers and coders are designed to integrate with production line systems, able to cope with a variety of line speeds and with automated date, time, code & number series functions reduce manual interventions and therefore avoid line downtime.

We also have models capable of static marking and offer specialist coding solutions like UV visible inks or permanent laser marking suitable for luxury brands or anti-counterfeit product identification.

Depending on your needs, Linx have high adhesion, retort and even washable inks for use on glass surfaces in a range of harsh environments and to enable straightforward recycling of the glass after use.

Our laser marking systems can also code directly onto hot or cold glass. Linx have a product marking solution for all types of glass coding requirement.


Glass Bottle Coding

Linx pigmented inks enable long-lasting printing of expiry dates and batch numbers onto a range of colored plastics including polyethylene (PE or PET), polypropylene (PP or OPP), PVC & Nylon, retaining clarity for years even if stored in daylight.

Our high-powered laser coders, can even code onto hard to mark plastics, providing rapid, permanent marking with no need for consumables or ribbon/ink changeovers.

Plastic Bottle Coding

Many industries require coding of date/time and batch or lot numbers onto the bottle cap, rather than onto the bottle or label which often presents challenges of small circumference and hard to code materials.

Our bottle coders are also capable of printing onto metal or plastic caps with small character printing that is legible and consistent.

Bottle Cap Printing


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