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Contract Packaging

The Contract Packaging industry is competitive with manufacturers looking for to meet tight timescales and varying customer requirements. To get a competitive edge, co-packers rely on coding printers that provide flexibility, ease of use, and reliability. From handling a range of packing materials to operating to tight timescales and margins, Linx contract packaging printers can solve these challenges.

Linx coders are renowned globally for their reliability and ease of use. Linx printers are rated up to IP65 to give you peace of mind that your contract packaging will maintain quality time and time again. Linx printers and coders offer effecting coding solutions that will ensure your contract packing operation remains competitive.



Linx’s range of printers have options to code onto almost any substrate. Primary and secondary packaging can both be coded in one facility, giving co-packers flexibility to keep production moving in-house. Whether a manufacturer is looking for permanent printing solutions or even food-grade inks, Linx industrial marking printers help co-packers adjust to changing customer printing applications.


Quick and accurate set-up, on-screen service guides, and self-installation are some of the key features that keep Linx’s advanced printing technology user-friendly. With icon-driven  touchscreens, message creation, printing, and routine servicing is kept simple for contract packaging manufacturers.

Low Cost of Ownership

Meet production targets without costly regular maintenance or downtime through extended service intervals. Linx printers only need to be serviced up to once every two years. Keep your printer running, meet customer deadlines, and save money through improved use of consumables.

Coders for Contract Packaging

Continuous Ink Jet Printers- IP-rated printers with extended service intervals and a range of inks that adhere to most substrates. Easy-to-use and easy to move between production lines, CIJ printers provide security to copackers looking for a standard coding solution.

Thermal Transfer Coders- Operating with optimized ribbon usage and without compressed air, TT printers equip Contract Packaging manufacturers with a valuable production printer. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to code on flexible packaging such as bags, labels, and flow wrap.

Laser Printers- Linx lasers help meet customer requirements with permanent etching onto packaging. Without the use of regular consumables, lasers are cost-effective and equip copackers with a solution for printing traceability information, logos, and other brand requirements.


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